Internship in Poland

Senior lecturer of the department of bread, confectionery, macaroni and food concentrates technologies, Ph.D. Natalia Sokolova had a short-term internship at the Department of Technique and Food Development at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Natural Sciences 22-29 November 2017. During the internship, she was working with modern equipment and learned new rapid and simple procedures for analyzing the quality of basic raw materials and bakery products. One of them was enzymatic extraction, with further determination of their quantitative characteristics on a spectrophotometer.
The main research theme was connected with «The effect of particle part of kinoa flour and its quantity part in recipe on quality, sensory characteristics of bread». So Polish researcher Ph.D. Marcin Kurek and Ph.D. Natalia Sokolova held this study. The seminar for bachelors and masters was held, the general information about the academy, its structure and activities was presented, the scientific directions of the department were discussed, the International competition of scientific works and the conference “Food and feed technologies” were announced.