International School of Feed

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Department of mixed feed Technology and biofuel, Odessa national Academy of food technologies has initiated the establishment of the International School of Feed (International School of Feed – ISF), a member of the Academic Council includes such well-known scientists in the field of research, production and use of feed, as Peter Surai, Ivan Panin, Bogdan Egorov, Jovanka Levichev, Anatoly Levitsky, Fyodor Marchenkov and many others. ISF was organized with the support of the Association “Union of kormoproizvodstva Ukraine”, “Union of poultry breeders of Ukraine”.

The idea of this school is the generalization of the world experience in the field of research and practice of production and use of premixes and animal feed, conducting professional training, aimed at mastering modern knowledge and skills assessment quality additives, additives, premixes and feeds, calculation of recipes premixes and animal feed, evaluation of efficiency of technological processes of their production.

In the period from 6 to 12 June 2016 on the basis of holiday hotel “Ellada” is located in the Bay, the picturesque resort area of the North sea region, with the support of the GMP+ was successfully held already the Third session of the International School of Feed, in which there were two professional training “the Art of creating highly effective recipes feed” and “Internal audit and evaluation of the scheme the GMP + FSA in accordance with the standards GMP + B1” Production, trade and services “and ISO 19011: 2011”.

In the work of the 3rd session of the ISF participated recatalog, technologists, managers of feed mills (PJSC “MHP”, OOO “FALIF”, Novoukrainka bakery state food and grain Corporation of Ukraine, APK-invest, OOO Amanda”, PE “Kramar”, LLC “NIVA 2008”, “Novopokrovskiy kkhp”, PJSC “Brovary PPR”, LLC “PC “Dnipro” and many others, a total of 60), as well as representatives of scientific and production companies engaged in research and specializiruetsya in the production of additives, laboratory and technological equipment for production and quality evaluation of feeds.

The results of the work of the International School of Feed participants increased their level from the calculation of the recipes feed and received certificates.