Announcement of the 5th Session of the International School of Feed (ISF)


In May-June 2017, on the basis of holiday hotel “Ellada” is located in the Bay, the picturesque resort area of the North sea region is scheduled for the 5th session of the International School of Feed. The initiator of the establishment of this School is the Department of Technology of Mixed Feed and Biofuels of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. The ISF was organized with the support of the Union of Forage Producers of Ukraine, the Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine.
The idea of ​​this School is to summarize the world experience in the field of scientific research and practice of production and use of premixes and mixed feed, conducting professional trainings aimed at mastering modern knowledge and skills of assessing the quality of feed, additives, premixes and mixed feed, calculating recipes of premixes and mixed feed, evaluating the effectiveness technological processes of their production.
The Scientific Council of the International School of Feed includes such well-known scientists in the field of research, production and use of mixed feed as Peter Suray, Ivan Panin, Bogdan Egorov, Yovanka Levich, Anatoly Levytsky, Fedir Marchenkov and many others.